with fireplace, kitchen and other modern ideas in a small room + Photo and Video

with fireplace, kitchen and other modern ideas in a small room + Photo and Video The living room is undoubtedly the main room in a private home. It is in this room that the whole family usually gathers, here the hosts receive guests, holidays and birthdays are celebrated here. Needless to say, the living room in the house simply has to be smart, comfortable and cozy. It should be pleasant to be in it, convenient to spend time. Therefore, the arrangement of this zone should be approached with all attention and responsibility: a multifunctional front room should be obtained.

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The interior of the living room of a private house is somewhat different from that of a separate apartment . When equipping a room in the latter, one may encounter quite understandable restrictions. In your own home, it is much easier to realize your dreams and desires, maneuvering within the framework of expediency and common sense.

Private home: living room interior

with fireplace, kitchen and other modern ideas in a small room + Photo and Video Living room design you should take into account the many nuances that contribute to the creation of a harmonious interior of the room, in which each item will be located in its own place, complementing the whole image and creating an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

The designer should remember that his main goal when arranging a living room is not just the implementation of the interior model he created, but taking into account the individual characteristics of the inhabitants of the apartment.

Guests entering the house should notice not only the originality and stylishness of the premises, but also see the preferences and preferences of the owners.

with fireplace, kitchen and other modern ideas in a small room + Photo and Video When designing the hall, it is necessary to take into account the style of the dwelling as a whole. It doesn't matter if it is a mansion, a modest summer cottage or a chic cottage, it is advisable to maintain the style in the chosen direction.

The living room is generally a special room, where it should be maximally expressed and emphasized.

After creating a general project, you need to decide on the expected zones of this room.

with fireplace, kitchen and other modern ideas in a small room + Photo and Video In this case, the size of the room, the height of the ceilings, the degree of illumination, the number of windows and doorways, the presence of stairs must be taken into account. The classic version of a square-shaped room is preferable, but this is not a fundamental issue, which is determined at the stage of planning the entire dwelling.

The hall should have some kind of central place, near which the inhabitants of the house and their guests usually gather.

This area can be accentuated by a large table, fireplace or TV. You cannot do without a relaxation area with a soft corner - armchairs, comfortable chairs or a comfortable sofa.

Harmoniously combined, cozy furniture will contribute to the creation of an overall positive feeling and good mood for the hosts and guests.

with fireplace, kitchen and other modern ideas in a small room + Photo and Video At the same time, decorating the living room with various additional elements, it is worth remembering that this is not an exhibition of modern painting or fashion accessories , and the living quarters. Don't overload it.

The preferred style can be selected from a variety of existing ones: the interior of the living room in the house can be made traditionally classically, in the style of Japanese or Chinese culture. On the network you can find many photos of living rooms, among which you can choose the one that impressed you, and focus on it.

Classic: large living room in the house

with fireplace, kitchen and other modern ideas in a small room + Photo and Video Lots of people I prefer the usual traditional style of decoration, which presupposes a fairly elegant, and at the same time, austere and elegant room.

Some are sure that decorating a room in a traditional style, they will encounter something ordinary or even primitive. In fact, this is not at all the case.

In addition, modern rules allow you to combine and change styles, transforming the appearance of the room according to your vision and your own preferences. This will allow you to create a kind, completely original room.

What are the characteristic features of the classic style? This is mainly a light and spacious room, solid solid wood furniture, cozy soft corners. All this in the complex gives the room a special chic, at the same time making it comfortable and cozy.

The traditional component of the classic hall is a large light sofa with textile upholstery. A beautiful set plays an important role here: with open showcases, wooden cabinets, fine tableware and elegant souvenirs. As in any other living room, a comfortable coffee table will look great in a classic one.

Furniture with curly legs, with a tabletop made of wood or glass fits well into the ensemble.

Living room with fireplace: overall design

with fireplace, kitchen and other modern ideas in a small room + Photo and Video structure, it should be borne in mind that the overall impression of the room, its comfort depend on the general range of the interior, on the type of furniture, wall and floor coverings.

There are separate self-sufficient elements that can transform any room, giving it a special atmosphere of romantic comfort and warmth.

This is, of course, a fireplace. It is always the main part of the interior, invariably attracting the admiring glances of not only guests, but also household members.

The use of an element such as a real working fireplace in an environment has specific features:

  • with fireplace, kitchen and other modern ideas in a small room + Photo and Video This element can only be used by owners of private houses . The room intended for its placement should be spacious, with a strong, reliable floor;
  • Installation of a fireplace is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. In order for the product to be of high quality and safe, an experienced specialist must deal with its device;
  • Apartment residents can acquire an analogue of a real fireplace - an electric appliance that perfectly copes with the function of heating the room, and has wonderful decorative qualities ...

When choosing a real working fireplace, remember that it will be made of marble, refractory metal alloys or natural stone. Choosing the right model, you need to imagine how harmoniously it will fit into the existing interior. More often, fireplaces are added to rooms in a classic style.

with fireplace, kitchen and other modern ideas in a small room + Photo and Video Homeowners who prefer modern or more modern styles often order an exclusive stove, distinguished by the originality of forms. The fireplace can be decorated by hanging a thematic picture or print over it, you can put a beautiful ceramic vase or a spectacular clock on it.

What is important to consider when placing the fireplace directly?

  • It is highly undesirable for the stove to be located near the outer wall of the building, since a significant part of the heat, in this case , will leave the room. It is better to place it against the inner partition. High-quality insulation of doors and windows will increase the efficiency of the device.
  • The oven can be built-in, built-in or free-standing - island. The last option is the most effective, since then the fireplace turns out to be open on four sides, and fits perfectly into the overall decoration.

  • To avoid accidental fire, it is best not to place the appliance near stairs or in a hallway.

Other furniture in the living room can be positioned arbitrarily, at your own discretion . However, one should not forget the fact that the fireplace is the ideological center of the room, and it is better to place the sofa or armchairs so that there is an opportunity to contemplate the dancing flames.

Living room combined: device

with fireplace, kitchen and other modern ideas in a small room + Photo and Video
For guests in white color

In many apartments there is a problem of not too spacious kitchen. When developing a living room project, this issue can be solved at the same time.

Living room and kitchen in the house may well be combined. True, you should first think over all the consequences of such an action, calculate the possible pros and cons.

The extra space is clearly an advantage. In addition, this method allows the hostess to control some cooking processes without leaving the guests every now and then. And one bright and spacious room is much more functional and comfortable than two small ones.

The hostess preparing food has the opportunity to be in the center of events, maintaining a general conversation and looking after the children.

with fireplace, kitchen and other modern ideas in a small room + Photo and Video Functionally, the space of such a combined room can be visually divided by a special dining area, marking it by installing a large table ...

Original and comfortable partitions can be used for this.

A podium superstructure is often used, which allows equipping the living room and kitchen areas with various floor coverings. It is good to use a sofa with a high back in this capacity.

The combined rooms without capital partitions look voluminous and light, create a feeling of space with an abundance of air and sunlight. In a private house, it is quite possible to afford such a living room, because in addition to it, each family member usually has his own living space at his disposal, where, if desired, you can retire.

Living room in a wooden house: features

with fireplace, kitchen and other modern ideas in a small room + Photo and Video Often, the decoration of the hall in such a dwelling is made in a special style, which is dominated by wood trim using various species.

Sometimes this, or similar, direction of design is called a Russian hut. The competent layout of the living room in a house made of timber or other wood material has its own nuances.

Any room here will look quite spacious and large if the occupied and free space is properly distributed. Its ratio should be one to one, or one to two. The main room of the dwelling should have windows large enough to let in the required amount of light.

And, of course, it is necessary to have a kind of semantic center, a place for gathering home. It can be cozy upholstered furniture, fireplace or TV.

Living room projects: variety of styles

with fireplace, kitchen and other modern ideas in a small room + Photo and Video
Minimalism is always in Price

There are many different styles used in modern living rooms. For example, minimalism is a design option in a neutral monochrome scale, which is characterized by simplicity of forms and laconicism.

Chalet style involves the use of natural stone, natural wood, ceiling beams, plaster, dimensional lamps in the decoration.

A variant of the Scandinavian style suggests simplicity and restraint, a lot of light wood, textiles and light fabrics.

It is characterized by a lot of light, large-scale open spaces. In such a living room, most often there is a staircase to the upper floors. The timeless classic style is distinguished by the use of interesting architectural details such as columns, stucco moldings, and a fireplace. Simple furniture made from natural materials is used, solid and comfortable, with soft smooth lines.

Which of the above can be concluded? The layout of the living room in the house is a rather laborious and complex undertaking. For its implementation, many factors must be taken into account - the size and height of the room, the number of door and window openings, the absence or presence of stairs. Having settled on a specific interior, it is necessary to embody it as naturally and harmoniously as possible. Best of all, this can be done by a professional designer who will be able to competently implement the ideas of the owners.