Wood or metal, construction types + Photo and Video

Wood or metal, construction types + Photo and Video In multi-storey buildings of private estates, the staircase is an irreplaceable part of the decoration. The staircase to the second floor of the house positions itself as the main object in a multi-storey building; it carries an aesthetic and functional load. What kind of stairs are, let us examine further ...

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Types of stairs for the house

Intra-house stairs are divided into the following types:

  • main;
  • auxiliary.

The main types of stairs are capital structures and are used to move to other floors.

Auxiliary types of stairs are used for descending into the basement room or for climbing to the roof. We will not pay attention to such stairs.

Let's consider the main types of stairs.

Marching stairs

Wood or metal, construction types + Photo and Video The variety of stairs is pleasing to the eye and each model has its own advantages. The main indicator when choosing the shape and type of stairs is comfort, safety and design suitable for you. The design can be completely unusual.

A staircase with straight spans is a simple design in execution, therefore, it is often performed. But this does not mean that its design will be boring and not interesting.

What will be, the staircase depends on the design idea, the selected material and the quality of the finish.

Straight flight stairs

Straight staircases are part of a multi-flight staircase, connected by interfloor platforms. These ladders are comfortable to move around.

Direct flights of stairs exist closed (steps are made with risers) and open (when there are no risers).

Wood or metal, construction types + Photo and Video L-shaped.

Found in the interiors of apartments, cottages. Typically, these stairs are mounted between two walls or adjacent to one of the walls. The turning section of the L-shaped staircase can be with a platform with two or three winder steps (triangular, turning), but a large number of steps on this segment makes it difficult to climb due to narrow treads.

U-shaped. Installed in special shafts or ledges that connect the floors.

Such ladders are very similar to marching ones, but still they differ in the way of turning, it is the same as in the L-shaped version (through the winder steps)

Wood or metal, construction types + Photo and Video Before erecting a U-shaped staircase, you need to clearly calculate the place of rotation of the stairs so that the fence does not intersect in the projection from above. Because of this, the railings are made through two posts or through a post and a fitting.

T-shaped. In non-communal buildings, these stairs are very rarely installed, because the T-shaped staircase has large dimensions and takes up a huge amount of space. In addition, the installation of such a ladder is expensive.

If you nevertheless decide to install such a staircase, then it will become the main decoration of your interior.

Observing centuries-old traditions, the T-shaped stairs were covered with carpets, decorated with sculptures or other luxury items and waited for the beginning of some rituals, ceremonies or the arrival of important guests. Wood or metal, construction types + Photo and Video

Curved stairs

Without professional skills, this kind of stairs cannot be erected, since its design is one of the most complex, so you cannot make a comfortable and elegant ladder with your own hands. Such construction is carried out by specially trained people, and ladder designs are of the highest class. Wood or metal, construction types + Photo and Video

Curved stairs are:

  • Circular (only have one center);
  • Curved (have several radii).

Bearing parts of any staircase (stringers) and railings are glued on special slipways according to design drawings.

Spiral or spiral staircases

Wood or metal, construction types + Photo and Video Such designs were created for those types of premises where it is impossible to install mid-flight stairs.

Limited space, at this time, is not the main criterion for choosing such stairs. Spiral or spiral staircases often play a decorative rather than functional role in home decoration. This model can be characterized as follows - smooth lines, thoughtful lighting and laconic combination of materials.

Wood or metal, construction types + Photo and Video It is useful to know for those people whose house area does not allow the installation of other types of stairs: according to the SNiP instructions, the place allocated under a spiral staircase, must be at least 130 * 130 cm. The diameter of the spiral model, convenient for lifting, must be no more than 200 cm.

These stairs are divided into types by design:

  1. With a load-bearing central pillar and winding steps;
  2. With a central pillar and an external spiral bowstring;
  3. With two main spiral bowstrings.

Before installing the spiral staircase, please note that such a staircase is not suitable for carrying large interior items.

Stairs on the bolts

Wood or metal, construction types + Photo and Video Stairs on bolts is a new trend in fashion.

Boltz is translated from German as a bolt or a pin. The steps and handrails of such a ladder are mounted directly into the wall using bolts, or the structure is laid on steel supports.

Such flights of stairs will look good in houses or apartments where the interior is designed in the style of minimalism, modern or high-tech. Despite the appearance of lightness and weightlessness, the ladders on the bolts are very strong and one step can withstand a weight of up to 1.5 tons.

When choosing a staircase for your home, take into account all the necessary parameters, this is the wood material, installation methods and strength, and most importantly, convenience. There are many types of stairs and you will find a model that is ideal for your home and family.

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