working advice from a professional in the furniture industry

working advice from a professional in the furniture industry How correctly equip a small kitchen in Khrushchev and a private house + photo

Every family has a lot of very pleasant moments in life associated with such a room as the kitchen, therefore it is perceived not only as a room where food is prepared, but also as the most emotional part of the home.

This can explain our desire to create a more comfortable room out of a small kitchen. To equip a small kitchen in a Khrushchev or a private house, you should correctly combine functional equipment and the beauty of the interior.

If we are talking about a room of a small area, then you should familiarize yourself in advance with all the information on how exactly you need to equip such premises.


Also, you should learn how to make it cozy and comfortable at the same time.

Ready-made design solutions presented in the article in the form of a photo, as well as expert advice, can help you with this.

Correct arrangement of the kitchen space

In order to create a "new" kitchen or improve the nuances and equip the "old", each person pursues the same goal - cooking food should be as convenient as possible and also take very little time.

To implement a plan for arranging a new kitchen space, experts and designers recommend that you do the following:

  1. Think over the layout of the room (you may need to look ideas that are presented in the photo of ready-made options). Draw on paper or in a graphic editor on your own a plan for arranging the kitchen space, and you can also turn to a competent designer-measurer for help with this task. It is he who will tell you how to properly equip, calculate budget costs, and also choose the style direction of the kitchen interior.

  2. Make repairs to the room. At this stage, it will be necessary to take into account the placement of outlets, the features of the installation of equipment, furniture, and also compliance with all safety standards when installing electrical wiring, ventilation ducts, etc.

The purchase of pieces of furniture and small household appliances can even be considered the final stage in the arrangement. And if layouts of different types, room equipment, design are a kind of basis for visualizing ideas, then when translating your own creative ideas into reality, then you can get the result in the form of an unusually beautiful kitchen. And do not forget to show the photo of your project to friends and acquaintances, because there is a high probability that they are also interested in the question of how to arrange the kitchen space.

How best to equip the kitchen

In a room that is mainly intended for cooking, there will always be aggressive specifics in the form of a high temperature level, high humidity level, soot and fat.For this reason, an unconditional requirement for finishing materials that are used in the arrangement will be their practicality and hygiene.

Or, more precisely, we are talking about this:

Let's look at something else.


Arrangement rules

Photos of how to equip a small kitchen show that it is reasonable to organize a small space would mean optimizing it, and putting order and practicality first.

Good advice! Every thing in a small kitchen should have its place, as well as perform certain functions.

Refrigerator, stove and sink

This is a working triangle, which should be located so as to make the movement for the hostess the most convenient, without winding extra mileage (to save strength and energy). Moreover, the hygiene factor is taken into account here.

Note, that the cooking zone is located near the sink, and the washing zone is between the sink and the refrigerator.

Built-in appliances

working advice from a professional in the furniture industry It is worth replacing free-standing household appliances with built-in models, and in this way you can achieve the continuity of the surface of the furniture in the kitchen, which will contribute to the visual expansion of the space.

Small furniture sets and compact household appliances

If the furniture in the kitchen successfully combines spaciousness and compactness, then the problem of arrangement will be solved automatically ...

For small families, it will be logical to buy a compact appliance instead of large refrigeration equipment and install it under the countertop.

A dishwasher or washing machine with a depth of 0. 45 meters can also be placed under the countertop. For a small kitchen, it is better to take furniture to order, and give preference to sliding doors, as well as lower sliding drawers. It will also be great if the upper doors have a lifting opening mechanism.

Separate solutions for storage area

So, a few ideas:

  • The cabinets should be fully fitted with drawers (for free access from both sides).
  • Don't be stingy and order plinth drawers under the base cabinets because they are a great place to store your kitchen utensils.
  • Install special dividers for small items in drawers.
  • Loose foods are best stored in containers (ideally in drawers).
  • Soffits should be hung over the cabinets, which will adjust the direction of light, which will simplify the search for the required items.

And consider the last rule.

Refusal from household appliances that are practically not used

This rule will be especially important if you need to equip a small kitchen in Khrushchev. Combines, bread makers, microwave ovens and coffee makers should be given a separate place on the shelves, but not on the countertop (the exception will be those appliances that you use very often).

Good advice! If there is a balcony near the kitchen, then you can combine the space and get more space.

Very often, it is non-standard solutions that help to relieve the space, and at the same time small premises will become less comfortable.

For example:

  • Dining table - choose a folding or transformer that unfolds only for eating.
  • Small kitchen utensils should be placed on special metal tubes (rails), which will be attached to the "apron" in the cooking area.
  • Ditch the wall cabinets to make the room more spacious.

As you can see, there are many options for arrangement, and the one that you like can be easily found in the photo with ready-made designer interiors.

How to make a small kitchen cozy

A cozy kitchen room is a successful layout with a well-thought-out arrangement of furniture, appliances, as well as a thoughtful design of lighting and interior.

The effect of visually expanding the space can be achieved as follows:

  • Using light tones - coffee and beige shades help to make the kitchen cozy.
  • Light curtains in a light shade - we are talking about roller blinds or roman blinds, which will be the best solution for decorating a small kitchen.

And if you use a pattern in the form of longitudinal stripes on the wall, you will get the impression of high ceilings, but horizontal lines help to visually expand the room. The main thing is that the stripes are not too bright.

For coziness in the room in the evening or in the morning, when there is still little light from the Sun, you can organize lighting around the entire perimeter using spotlights, ceiling lights and a small chandelier above the table surface.

It will also be appropriate to install lighting in cupboards, as well as LED lighting for the working part of the kitchen.

Let's add a little beauty

The originality and harmony of all interior elements of a small kitchen is a hallmark of the best designers' projects. A visual confirmation can be a photo of beautifully decorated rooms. First of all, we are talking about the arrangement in light colors, and it will also be great if there are also reflective surfaces (glass inserts on the wall surfaces, furniture facades and gloss ceilings).

It turns out that the wallpaper is of a light shade, glossy facade surfaces (shades of white, pale blue, beige, light green, peach and other colors).

But the glass doors of the small-sized modules of the headset, the shiny chrome surfaces of the kitchen appliances will perfectly cope with the task of visually expanding the space. In the photo you will see that such options are most common.

Good advice! Dark shades in the interior of a small space can only be used to decorate the lower sections of the furniture set.

External beauty when arranging a small kitchen in a private house can be created through zoning. There is even a small area that can be divided into a place for cooking, and a dining area.

In addition, this distinction will help make the kitchen functional. There are many different options for making a small kitchen space convenient for cooking, as well as cozy, so that everyone at home can spend time there. It will be important to know how to furnish the kitchen with pieces of furniture so that the functionality and comfort of a small area are fully preserved.

We furnish the kitchen with furniture

At the moment there are 5 basic schemes for the arrangement of kitchen equipment:

  • Linear (one-sided). Ideal for small rooms like in the photo.

  • Double-sided - a similar arrangement of furniture is suitable for more spacious rooms.
  • Corner is a very popular design option with the placement of a headset along adjacent walls. A photo of a similar interior with furniture, which is located at the outer wall in the form of the letter "L", clearly demonstrates the advantages of the method.
  • U-shaped . An option that is rarely found in practice, because this method has one drawback - a dead zone in the corners of furniture, even if it is a built-in one.

    The problem can be solved with corner cabinets, specially made and equipped with a rotating interior.

  • Island . This is the case when a place is allocated for the island in the center of the space, and often it is a free-standing sink. The rest of the space is reserved for the work surface.

Next, let's look at the design styles.

A brief overview of style trends in design

Besides the attention to convenience, you should also take care of style:

  1. Minimalism - furniture should be light, with glass shelves, mirrors on the walls, accessories in the form of bright decorative elements in small quantities. Floor covering made of diagonal tiles to visually enlarge the area of ​​the room.
  2. Hi-tech - glass facades, shiny, plastic in gray or in a silver shade. All accessories are chrome plated.
  3. Modern - the facade of furniture modules is decorated with plastic, glass, and the advantage of the style is the ability to improvise.

  4. Art - Deco - one of the most "artistic" kitchens, it is distinguished by a variety of design techniques.
  5. Thematic - it can be "flower", "spring".

In addition, for small kitchens, pieces of furniture in calm beige and brown shades are often bought. From the ethnic style, Scandinavian can be distinguished, since the interior of such a kitchen room is distinguished by the aesthetics of a combination of noble colors and refined lines of a set of furniture.

Useful recommendations

The rules for the beautiful decoration of premises will be based on the principles of harmony of each element of the interior and measure the taste:

  1. The color of the walls and furniture may not match.

  2. In a kitchen where there is little natural light, you can choose pink, pistachio, lemon, light beige and blue for the furniture set and walls, and for very bright rooms order the fronts in gray, brown and carmine red ...
  3. The gloss of the furniture fronts in pink, black and lilac is an excellent basis for a stylish interior.
  4. Textiles - curtains should be made of light and soft material, organza, tulle and mesh in pastel shades are ideal.

Correctly chosen decorative elements will emphasize the beauty of the interior as a whole.


The main points for arranging a small kitchen can be considered the size of the room and the layout, and for everyone who thinks that a small area will be a big disadvantage , you should first work out all the details that are associated with the rational design of the space, and then choose a simple design.

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