Yakubovich's dacha and a cozy apartment

Yakubovich's dacha and a cozy apartment Leonid Yakubovich's cottage and apartment - interesting real estate

You probably know who Leonid is Yakubovich. This is the most popular Soviet and now Russian presenter, screenwriter and actor. He was able to earn the love of several generations of viewers through the television program "Field of Miracles", in which Yakubovich has been the presenter since 1991. Most people are interested in where the people's favorite lives. Yakubovich's real estate is an interesting topic.

If you look at the real estate of the host of the legendary television program and his wife Marina, then they have a 2-room apartment, which is located on Karetny Ryad Street in Moscow.

This is their own and the first apartment, which was bought back in the 90s. Right there, in 1998, their daughter Varya was born. The family has been living in the apartment for over 25 years.


Layout and design

The apartment of the most popular artist is very small, but at the same time it has everything you need - a kitchen room, a sanitary unit, as well as two living rooms - a living room and a bedroom, which acts as a dining room.

The family will be engaged in improving their own kopeck piece on their own. Almost on New Year's Eve (2018), the Yakubovich family was visited by the TV program Ideal Repair.

Yakubovich's dacha and a cozy apartment The best masters from the TV show were supposed to improve the interior of the bedroom, as well as the living room. The owners of the apartment really wanted to see a light design in the apartment, which is not overloaded in the northern style. During the work, the team of professionals from the program decided to arrange a surprise for the beloved artist and carry out repair work throughout the apartment, altering the bathroom as well.

Please note that all areas, including the living-dining room, bedroom, hallway and bathroom, are now decorated in the same style, which has a light beige palette. But instead of the sustained Scandinavian style, no less airy and light modern classics were selected. The repairmen decided not to change the current layout.

Living room

The multifunctional room, which is a living room, is now conditionally divided into two zones - a fireplace (the one near the corridor) and a dining room (it located opposite the kitchen). Here the TV people decided to put a candle fireplace, which creates a special comfort in the room, as well as a warm atmosphere.

An elegant sofa with beautiful cushions, a solid oak coffee table and ergonomic armchairs were placed near it.

And by the window there is a dining table for the whole family with a new set of dishes. Sliding doors with special beveled mirrors were placed opposite the dining furniture. This solution was used by decorators on cabinets in other rooms. In their opinion, this technique can greatly expand the space and helps maintain the overall concept.

The living room flooring is covered with high quality laminate, and the walls are decorated with classic cornice and moldings in the form of stucco molding, on top of which is applied a permanent monochromatic paint with a semi-matt effect.

Sanitary facility

By the way, the sanitary facility is decorated in English retro style. But the newest and best materials are used here. Professional repairmen put unusual plumbing in the room - a sink on an aluminum stand with a marble top and a bathtub on unusual and beautiful legs. In the corner, there is a stylish olive-green mirror cabinet, behind which there is a boiler for heating water, as well as a washing machine.

But the lower part of the wall surface in the bathroom is finished with ceramic tiles with a slight gloss, and a little higher is the application of decorative type plaster with a silk coating of a grayish-brownish overflow. For laying the floor surface, porcelain stoneware was used, as well as the "warm floor" technology.


Yakubovich's dacha and a cozy apartment Yakubovich's apartment is gorgeous, and the corridor is not at all no worse than the rest of the rooms. The old door (entrance) was changed to a more technological one with a built-in video surveillance system, touch control and an increased level of noise isolation. There is also a built-in locker in the hallway with a convenient storage system with large capacity.


But in the bedroom there is a huge bed with the softest headboard in the Tiffany style, and bedside snow-white bedside tables made of ecological leather and interesting textiles with many layers, concisely blending into the classic calm interior. On the surface of the walls there are paintings with a marine theme and a TV with a mirror surface. Here, as in the rest of the rooms, there are grayish and beige shades. lamps in a small city apartment are also decorated in the same style and palette. In the bedroom, the chandeliers and sconces are much more sophisticated, decorated with interesting pendants, but in the bathroom, the black lamps are very laconic and strict.

Country country house

There is also Leonid Yakubovich's dacha, and this is a mansion in the Penaty cottage village, and it was built for more than one year. The plot for a country house was bought back in the 90s, but the famous presenter was in no hurry with the building house. After the construction was nevertheless completed, the Yakubovich family moved out of town, but according to the neighbors of the owner of the house, you rarely see it here. Leonid Arkadievich really does not often visit the country. Daily shooting in the capital does not allow him to spend enough time with his family, and therefore Yakubovich constantly needs to stay in an apartment in Moscow.

But as soon as the opportunity arises, the head of the family can immediately come to visit his relatives. The design of a country two-story country house is truly royal. A building with wrought-iron staircases, stained-glass windows and columns is visible behind a high fence.But in the courtyard there is a lot of greenery, and it houses a comfortable barbecue area, where many friends like to gather, as well as family relatives. The total real estate value of the television star is estimated at several billion dollars.

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