Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors

The facade of a building is its calling card. With its finishes, you can improve the design of the house and its appearance. There are several options for decorating external walls, but brickwork occupies a special place among them.

If there is a need for high-quality facade material, you can use yellow facing brick. It looks good and has low thermal conductivity.

The material does not crumble and is resistant to aggressive weather conditions. It has a porous structure, so it is air permeable. The facade made of this brick does not form a plaque of fungus and mold.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
Yellow brick facade

Size of yellow facing brick

All sizes of the material are classic - they were selected based on the practical experience of the masters. The current size ratio is considered optimal for transverse and longitudinal masonry.

These are standard values ​​that meet the requirements of GOST.

Table 1. Parameters of yellow facing brick:

Type Length Width Height
Single 250 mm 120 mm 60 mm
One-and-a-half 250 mm 120 mm 88 mm
Double 250 mm 120 mm 103 mm

Brick is full-bodied or perforated. Product weight is within 3-5 kg ​​ and depends on its density. Double facing bricks are produced in only one version - with internal voids.

It weighs 4.6-5 kg.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
One and a half perforated brick

Unit price

The cost of finishing materials is influenced by several factors:

  • the cost of raw materials;
  • type - full or hollow;
  • brick sizes;
  • manufacturer;
  • product quality.

Materials for exterior wall cladding are most often sold on pallets, but the price is calculated per piece.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
Pallets with double bricks with internal voids

Table 2.

Cost per unit:

Manufacturer Brick sizes Price
Losinoostrovsky plant Single 12 rub.
Losinoostrovsky plant One and a half 15.5 rubles.
Navlya Single 14.1 rub.

Navlya One and a half 18.9 rubles.
Vorotynsk Single 15.5 rubles.
Vorotynsk One-and-a-half 20 rub.

Zheleznogorsk Single 15.8 rubles.
Zheleznogorsk One-and-a-half 21.4 rubles.

When buying a brick and subsequent work with it, it is advisable to observe the following recommendations:

  1. Request a quality certificate from the manufacturer .

    This will help to make sure that the product meets GOST.

  2. Order materials from the same factory batch, otherwise the color intensity may vary.
  3. Look carefully for any chips or cracks on the items .
  4. After stitching check their thickness, the level of each of the rows of masonry, so that there are no distortions.
  5. Wipe off the remaining mortar from the outside of the brickwork.

    Then there will be no efflorescence.

Pay attention! If you purchase facing bricks directly from the manufacturing plant, its cost will be lower than if purchased through intermediaries.

Domestic producers have inexpensive prices. And for imported products, the cost will be 1.5 times more.

Prices for different types of facing bricks

Facing bricks

Features of yellow facing bricks

This type of finishing material can be used for both exterior and interior work.


There are several types of bricks:

  1. Coated in the form of enamel. Differs in vitreous luster.
  2. Engobbed - with a decorative top layer.
  3. Double layer.

    Smeared with colored clay on top. Heat treatment.

High demands are placed on products. The material must be frost resistant and good mechanical properties.


Finishing brick with its appearance is designed to emphasize straight lines.

For this, internal joining in contrasting tones is done. Yellow blocks go well with a solution of brown, black or red.

Interesting! Thanks to the use of yellow tones in facing materials, including shades of beige and gold, a positive attitude is formed when looking at them. Therefore, buildings made of such bricks stand out favorably against the background of gray houses.

To make the product yellow, use certain techniques:

  1. Adding iron oxide and limestone to the cement mixture .

    All ingredients are pressed, filled into a mold and dried. The result is a yellow sand-lime brick.

  2. The use of clay and pigments . This makes it possible to make ceramic products in yellow tones.
  3. Addition of white refractory kaolin.

    Used for clinker bricks.

The result is a material suitable for facing the following objects:

  • gazebos;
  • houses;
  • fireplaces;
  • balconies ;
  • verandas ;
  • fences.

They do not need further finishing, so you can do without plastering. But not all buildings are suitable for facing with silicate and ceramic yellow bricks.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
Fireplace made of yellow facing bricks

It has the ability to absorb moisture well.

Therefore, the material is not suitable for use in swimming pools, saunas, basements. clinker bricks are more suitable for these premises.

Prices for different types of clinker bricks

Clinker bricks

Material specifications

Its main properties include:

  • increased strength;
  • clear geometric shape;
  • color fastness;
  • good noise insulation;
  • ability to withstand low temperatures;
  • fire safety.

At the same time, the material has an attractive texture.

Yellow ceramic facing brick

This finishing material can have a different texture and style.

It is easy to install, especially if there are arches, supports or columns in the project.

What is the shape of a ceramic brick?

Due to the presence of several options, the facing of the building can be performed efficiently and effectively.

Table 3. Classification by shape:

Type Looks like Application
Standard Rectangular External Wall Cladding
Shaped In the form of a trapezoid, one corner is rounded Layout of openings for windows, doors or arches

Fine-grained material is used as raw material for ceramic bricks clay. Its maximum particle diameter is 0.

005 mm. They can also contain admixtures of sandy or carbonate microparticles. Most often, the basis for the material is clay with an ocher tint, but sometimes other colors are used - red, yellow, brown. At the same time, the content of coloring pigments is minimal, therefore such products are considered environmentally friendly.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
Shaped ceramic bricks

Texture options

Depending on the type of surface, there are several types of bricks:

  • smooth - the most common option;
  • corrugated;
  • decorative - with a ready-made pattern.

A smooth texture is more suitable for finishing a fence, and decorative materials for cladding walls or a fireplace.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
Variety of textures in brick making

Manufacturing methods

There are two technologies for creating ceramic bricks. The first method is called volumetric. It implies the following procedure:

  1. Introduction of pigment into the clay. Most often it is manganese oxide
  2. Thorough kneading
  3. Formation of bricks
  4. Firing products.

In this case, you can get colors of different intensities. For this, the firing temperature and its duration are regulated. To give the bricks a straw shade, a clarifier is added to the total mass during the manufacturing process. Volumetric production technology allows to obtain products of uniform color.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
The process of making bricks by volumetric method

The second method is surface painting.

The bricks are dried and then a colored layer is applied.After that, they are fired. For coloring, use white clay in liquid form, mixed with pigments. With this method, the depth of painting the product is 2-3 mm.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
Firing bricks after surface painting


The distinctive properties of ceramic bricks are:

  • high frost resistance - from 75 cycles;
  • resistance to atmospheric precipitation;
  • good moisture absorption - within 8-12% ;
  • reliability ;
  • low thermal conductivity.

The material can easily withstand exposure to sunlight. Under the influence of ultraviolet light, its strength and color intensity only increase.

FineBer cladding brick

This is a new type of façade panels imitating Flemish style brickwork. They are produced in the "Facing brick" series. They help to improve the building and give it a respectable look.

FineBer products perfectly reproduce the structure of finishing bricks. The outer walls are decorated with facade panels. They are used to protect basement rooms from destruction.

Pay attention! If the facade of the building is made using decorative elements - columns or arches, they can be distinguished using cladding panels. For the price they are cheaper than products made from natural materials.

Dimensions of front panels

Due to its compact dimensions, the material is easy to transport and install.

Table 4. Dimensions of FineBer facing bricks:

Comparative values ​​ Parameters
Width 0.45 m
Length 1 m
Thickness 20 mm
Amount in a package 10 pcs.
Area 0.

45 sq. m

The surface of the facade profile will be smooth.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
Facade FineBer profile


Thanks to the combination of useful qualities, FineBer cladding brick is perfect for facade cladding. Its technical characteristics include the following:

  • ability to withstand exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • ease of installation;
  • increased moisture resistance;
  • natural colors;
  • embossed, rough texture;
  • aesthetic appeal;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • resistance to extreme temperatures.

Front panels are made of polypropylene.

For this, the casting method is used.

Video - Laying of pillars made of facing solid bricks Lotus

Houses made of yellow facing bricks

Due to the use of this material, the building acquires the correct shape. If there are small irregularities, then they can be easily hidden with finishing. A properly assembled facade can last 100-150 years. If one or more bricks are damaged, they can be repaired.

But even with long-term use, cracks on the material rarely appear.

The advantages of facades made of yellow bricks include the following:

  1. Does not require the use of additional means of protection from the sun and moisture.
  2. No special care required. If dirt appears, it is sufficient to rinse it with a jet of water.
  3. Easily withstands wind load.

  4. Not a health hazard. Only natural ingredients are used to make the material.
  5. Facing brick can be combined with other materials and textures.

There are few minuses of , but they cannot be ignored. Brick itself is a material very heavy, so it exerts a heavy load on the foundation.

Before starting the cladding, it is necessary to strengthen the base of the house.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
The combination of yellow and brown bricks

Brick is also an expensive product and construction works using it are also expensive.

Attention! Cladding bricks can only be used for one-story and two-story houses. Buildings with 3 floors or more will not withstand this load.

How to strengthen the foundation for facing - step-by-step instructions

When finishing the entire structure, it is better to pour an additional layer of concrete around its entire perimeter.

For this purpose, it is better to use a tape-type base, then it does not have to be lowered to a great depth. Usually it is no more than the depth of the existing foundation.

Reinforcement of the base is performed in a certain order:

Step 1. Reinforced frame is performed. Pieces of reinforcement are laid directly into the base of the house - at a distance of 3-4 cm from it and from the formwork with a step of 60 cm.

The metal pins are connected to each other using wire to increase the strength of the structure.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
We carry out the reinforcement of the foundation

Step 2. Formwork is made from planed boards , mounted around the building. The height of the structure should be 20-30 cm higher than the foundation. If the boards are too dry, they are moistened or the surface of the formwork is lined with polyethylene, fixing its edges from the outside.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
Install the formwork

Step 3. The concrete solution is being prepared. The first layer with a thickness of 20 cm is poured.It is impossible to fill the entire depth at once, it is better to do 2-3 passes. After 2 days, the next layer is poured.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
Pouring concrete mortar

Prices for cement and bases mixtures

Cement and bases of mixtures

Step 4. If construction work is carried out in extreme heat, cover the mortar with plastic wrap. Then the moisture in the solution remains longer, and the adhesion efficiency increases.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
If necessary, cover with foil

Step 5. If there are communications - for water or sewer pipes, a separate belt is made of sheets of tin for them, or they are wrapped with a layer of waterproofing.

They cannot be embedded directly into concrete, otherwise their integrity will be violated.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
We equip communication exits through concrete

As an additional measure to strengthen the foundation, you can brick it or decorative stone.

If the house is old and almost without a foundation, then when pouring the base it is connected to the basement of the building. For this, reinforcement is necessarily used, which is installed at an angle of 15-20 degrees.

Note! In the case when the foundation is fragile, cracks are formed on the facade due to subsidence or displacement of the base of the building, therefore, it is impossible to save on its strengthening.

Projects of houses with yellow brick finish

There are several options for using this material in the construction of buildings.

Building with an attic

This is a good alternative to building a two-story house. The height of the extension will be 0.5-0.7 m lower than the standard floor.

Due to this, less material is consumed and construction costs are reduced. The additional floor will be located between the ceiling of the first floor and the roof slopes. It can not only serve as an attic, but also be habitable.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
Yellow brick house with an attic

When erecting an attic using yellow bricks, the amount of usable space increases in the house, heat losses in winter are reduced. But then the ceilings will be sloped and low, you will need windows of a special design and additional moisture insulation.

If there is not enough ventilation, the rafters will quickly deteriorate, so there must be a good ventilation system.

House with bay windows

The bay window is a small glazed area. It usually protrudes from the side of the building. Such windows are intended for large rooms with poor lighting. They can also be used as decorative elements for yellow brick façades.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
House with rectangular bay windows

Pay attention! If you make bay windows in the form of geometric shapes or in the form of a multifaceted structure, they will look even better against the yellow cladding. But such work is carried out only on an individual order, it is difficult to install and increases cash costs.

A building with an attic and bay windows

To improve the architecture of a building, you can combine both an attic and a bay window in its project. Then the house will have a unique appearance.For cladding, you can use yellow brick in light and dark shades.

The roof of contrasting colors - red or brown - will go well with it. In order to refine the finish, you can also use a decorative seam in black.

Yellow facing brick: unit price, size, colors
House with an attic and bay windows

It is not necessary to make a full facing of the building, then the load on the foundation will be less. Only some of its elements can be finished with bricks:

  • wall slopes;
  • doorways;
  • arches;
  • basement.

Then the brickwork is combined with decorative plaster for outdoor use.

You can choose plaster with a similar texture and color, or use contrasting options.

Different types of yellow bricks can be used for facade decoration. Each of them has a good set of technical characteristics. Houses with cladding made of this material look gorgeous, have a long service life.

If you are thinking about using yellow bricks, be sure to read the article about - Masonry mortar for bricks.

But before proceeding with the finishing, it is necessary to strengthen the foundation - the tape type of foundation is best suited. For construction work, you can choose a simple project or with decorative elements. Then you will have to invest even more money in the construction. It is better to order bricks directly from the manufacturer, then you do not need to pay extra for the services of intermediaries.

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