Zincar rust converter - application, features

Zincar rust converter - application, features Tsinkar rust converter - how to use and detailed instructions

Most metals are quite tough, but under the influence of many factors they can start to rust. To protect against rust, that is, corrosion, methods have been developed that can be divided into 2 types - electrochemical and conservation.

The advantages of both types have such a drug as Tsinkar, which is popular among the masters. Tsinkar rust converter will be your salvation.

Such a product as Tsinkar was first released in 1993 through the Agat-Auto company (in Moscow), which specializes in chemicals and cosmetics for cars.

It will be designed to fight rust on a variety of steel substrates that will corrode.

Rust remover - brief description


Zincar rust converter - application, features Phosphoric acid, zinc and manganese are used in the basis of the whole product, while the latter will be present in the form of salts. Each element was selected strictly according to the selected recipe, because otherwise the properties of the product will begin to change.


Zincar was able to work best when applied to steel, but it will work on other alloys, metals that are prone to rust. The main area of ​​application will be transformation, and also the removal of foci of lesions by corrosion, as well as the future protection of surfaces from the effects of atmospheric and climatic factors.

It is allowed to use the composition even on a car for cleaning various elements, as well as on roofs, other means of transport, bridge supports, garages and welds. It can be used for domestic purposes to neutralize corrosion on devices, as well as on steel elements of mechanisms.

Effect on rust

The composition is capable of forming a protective film on the metal surface. After coating, the agent will begin to break down the iron oxide forms, and they are nothing more than rust, and transforms them into phosphates. Simultaneously with participation, it develops an alloying effect, and at the same time zinc will be activated in the place of centers of electromechanical corrosion, and then eliminate them.

As a result, you will get a durable and reliable protective layer on metal products.

Release form, consumption

The preparation for release is produced in the form of a liquid, which is placed in small and medium-sized vials with screw caps. This solution will be designed for standard brushing, like paint. The capacity of bottles is 60, 500 and even 1000 ml. In addition, Tsinkar is sold in spray cans, which have a more convenient method of application by irrigating products.

For professional use, Tsinkar is sold in cans with a volume of 10 liters.

Please note that the consumption of the composition will depend on the method of application, the number of layers, the severity of corrosion processes that exist. For one m 2 base, from 110 to 340 grams of the composition will be consumed.

Instructions for use

It would not be superfluous to consider the instructions for the Tsinkar rust converter. It is easy to use it for doing independent work with your own hands - they can paint metal, like paint and varnish materials.

For this reason, car owners do not go to service stations to repair vehicles, but prefer to carry out the work on their own. The instructions for use must be strictly followed, as otherwise the effectiveness of the product will significantly decrease.

Preparatory stage and application of the preparation

Before painting a metal surface, it is imperative to perform preparatory measures. Without cleaning from loose type rust, which begins to separate freely, the agent should never be applied. To do this, you can use various methods - rub the product with brushes, sandpaper, abrasive products, clean with scrapers, spatulas and knives.

It is best to buy a special brush for metal, and for cleaning large surfaces - a grinding device or a drill with a special attachment. The old paint layer should be scraped off or even washed off without fail.

Zincar rust converter - application, features Very often, a sediment begins to form at the bottom of the Tsinkar product, and for this reason, it should be shaken as best as possible before using. Compositions in cylinders should be sprayed without additional devices; a solution in a container or canister will require a small container, a roller and a brush. Old surfaces should be pre-coated with a special metal primer in a couple of layers.

After the preparatory stage, you can start the main work, that is, apply the agent, completely wetting the metal and let the first layer dry. After the appearance of a grayish or white plaque, a stiff brush will be passed over it in order to remove unreacted elements, and then proceed to apply the next layer.

Each layer applied will help to improve the protective qualities of the resulting anti-corrosion coating, as well as enhance its chemical and physical properties. Usually only a couple of treatments are enough, but sometimes 3 and 4 layers are required (if Tsinkar is used in important areas, or those that are subject to wear). Only one treatment can be carried out to remove the corrosion layer without the need for further protection of the steel.

Important points

Drying time

One layer of the product will dry from about 30 to 40 minutes. The exact time will depend on the application method as well as the environmental conditions (the figures shown in the form of numbers will be typical for room temperature).After drying, you should proceed to the final surface treatment.

Should "Tsinkar" be washed off after application

So, first, wipe the dry metal surface with an old soft cloth. Then you can start washing off the composition, and this should be done without fail, and only then the efficiency of use will be very high.

Under the wash, it is worth removing the resulting plaque, which forms as a result of the transducer drying out. If you skip this stage, the metal will continue to rust under the layer of plaque. So, before applying the Zincar rust converter, a wash should be done with a concentrated solution of white alcohol, soda ash and silicone remover. If there is a soft sponge, it can be used to rinse the base with clean water, but without applying great effort, so as not to spoil the film. Further, after washing the product and drying it, staining can be carried out, if necessary.

Typically, painting work is done to obtain a more beautiful design.

Primer and body protection after using the converter

To prevent future rusting, it is recommended to strengthen the protection of the body or other products by means of a primer ( if staining is not planned). Extremely carefully apply a layer of primer mixture to the area of ​​weld seams and open areas, and also regularly contact with the environment. For the primer mixture, it is worth choosing only high-quality products for metal work. Professionals do such manipulations in special chambers, and in order to independently apply the primer solution, you can use a brush.

How to increase the effectiveness of using the composition

In order for the result of metal surface treatment to be more durable and of high quality, the following should be observed Tips:

  • Do not ignore the preparation of the substrate and remove rust build-up, removing even the smallest stains.
  • Do not apply products in high levels of humidity or on items that are very wet.
  • Do not make the coating very thick.
  • Remember to rinse off the solution with baking soda or other means.

And now a little about the rules of application.

Safety requirements

If the recommendations for safe work are followed, Cincar does not cause problems during application and storage. It also contains orthophosphoric acid - a flammable combustible substance, and therefore work should be done away from fire and heat sources. In order not to harm human health, the room should be provided with high-quality ventilation, and all actions should be carried out with gloves, respirators, and also in special clothing. If the product gets on the skin, it should be washed with soapy water; if redness and pain appear, immediately consult a doctor.

Other recommendations for using the composition are as follows:

  • Do not allow heating more than +55 degrees.

  • Store only in a dark place out of the reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with mucous membranes and eyes.

How to avoid mistakes?

How to avoid failures

Sometimes it happens that after using the product, rust begins to appear over and over again. Most often, this may be due to non-compliance with the technology, which is described in the instructions in great detail. For example, the jet from a balloon can lie unevenly if you keep everything at a distance of less than 15 cm from a metal surface.

Some people forget to shake the solution before starting work, which can cause it to separate. When applying, the brush should be pressed against the base so that the treatment is more thorough, and there are no unpainted areas.

Advantages and disadvantages

Such a drug has many advantages, and one of them will be the ability to use it for a wide range of products, ranging from various vehicles, as well as ending household appliances and complex structures.

Other advantages are as follows:

  • Simplicity and ease of application.
  • Low consumption and affordable cost.

  • The presence of the composition in containers of different sizes.
  • Ability to treat hard-to-reach areas, hidden cavities with a spray composition.
  • No negative impact on parts and elements.
  • High level of effectiveness against rust and for the prevention of its formation in the future.

But the tool also has disadvantages.

Application instructions must be strictly followed, otherwise you will not achieve the desired result. The composition will be suitable for an early and medium degree of corrosion damage to metal, and in case of severe damage, it is better to use a more reliable method, that is, welding. The composition is toxic, and you should work with it carefully, in compliance with personal protective measures.

Result of using

Tsinkar rust converter is one of the most effective means. When it is used, areas of surface corrosion practically dissolve with the transition of oxides to phosphates.

A protective zinc-manganese film will also be created on the metal, which will protect the product from future rusting.

Customer Reviews

Almost all reviews are positive, and buyers also noted the complete removal of rust and excellent metal protection in the future.

"I treated the old wheel-type disks with Tsinkar, the rust immediately begins to solder right before our eyes, and a matte even coating immediately appears. Now I will always buy such a composition if I need more, because this useful tool should be available to every car owner. "

"I have used Tsinkar not for the first time, and I also get rid of rust on the body of the car with it.

After the application, hiss starts, bubbles appear, and corrosion disappears. Unfortunately, I have to repeat the treatment several times a year, but it will suit me, because the consumption is minimal. "

"If you run the part hard so that the layer of rust becomes too thick, Tsinkar will not be able to help, but it will still be possible to stop the corrosion. It is better to use the agent on time, without expecting serious problems, and apply a layer of steam. the efficiency will be higher.